Monday, April 16, 2012

Happy Marathon Monday!

It's Patriots Day here in Massachusetts. Many of us natives grow up thinking we get the day off because of the marathon in Boston. But it's an actual holiday here.

Good luck to the all the runners. Sorry about the weather. It was quite temperate last week.
And if you're a female runner, sorry you won't be able to set any world records no matter how fast you run.
As many might recall, the governing body of international track and field decided last year that no women could record world records in mixed gender events because of the potential to be paced by elite male runners.
The critique of this rule has lead the IAAF to reconsider--which they will formally do sometime soon. But as of today, the rule stands. So women running today can only set a "world best."

UPDATE: The women's elite runners went off earlier. Does that mean they can set a world record? (Not that today's conditions are amenable to that.)

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