Thursday, April 26, 2012

OMG! There's a trans person in the locker room!

I only found about this story from a FB friend who posted a link to the petition on
And despite my searches for more info--I cannot find any. So I wonder if this is actually making news in Beverly--which, coincidentally, is my home town.
So a woman was told she cannot take her daughter into the children's locker room before swim lessons at the Beverly YMCA--where I once was a little guppy trying to work her way up to dolphinhood.
Why can this mother not take her daughter into the kids' locker room? Because the woman was born a man. And apparently she still has "male eyes" and her gender presentation is confusing to people.
First (though in no particular order), pretty condemning of men, no? All men are looking at little girls with leering eyes is the suggestion here. Of course, the message could (most likely?) be that a transwoman is more likely to be some kind of pervert.
Second, let's perhaps use this as a teachable moment, people of the Beverly YMCA. Biology does not equal gender, trans or male does not equal pedophile.
I have certain issues with the binary gender system--but the mother in question has "complied" with all the requirements for womanhood. Does she not look the part you expect her to play? Or do you not like the version of the gender game she is playing?
I frequently encounter people who confuse me--not in their presentation--in their mindsets. Can I take my white, cisgendered, middle class privilege and ban them from the spaces I occupy?

Here is the petition.
The director of the Beverly Y is Judith Cronin.
Here is her contact info:



Morgan Murphy said...

It is no big enough news yet though I am trying to get the word out. I have the GLAD legal team looking into as well as an appointment with MCAD but we need more press involvement.

Anonymous said...

Isn't going to happen darlin. You and your friends sexual dysfunction doesn't trump the rest of the world. Nice try though.