Tuesday, November 28, 2006

New book alert!

Katie Hnida was on the Today Show this morning. I only caught the last bit of Meredith Vieira's interview with her so I cannot comment on whether Vieira actually said intelligent and non-offensive, stereotypical things which is too bad because I so enjoy commenting on such things.
But I did learn that Hnida has written a book about her experience, Still Kicking: My Dramatic Journey as the First Woman to Play Division I College Football. No excerpts that I could find on the Today Show website but it may just be that they are not posted yet. But I am still very excited to read it.
Hnida's story of harassment and sexual assault has been pretty well covered but her own take on it will be interesting and I am sure there will be many incidents and conversations from throughout her career that never made the news.
After I read the book I will weigh in with my thoughts.
[Note: the above picture was one of the few that I could find of Hnida in action--most are her in uniform (though not the whole uniform--often missing shoulder pads) but in a posed position. This is the norm for images of female athletes. All smiles and no action.]


EBuz said...

Do kickers wear shoulder pads? (And if so, why?)

ken said...

In the picture I posted she is indeed wearing shoulder pads. I would assume that the uniforms have to be--well, uniform.
Also, though the other team is not allowed to rough up the kicker, I would think that the kicker is not necessarily prevented from entering the play should something go awry (kick blocked) or if there is some kind of sneaky play.

Anonymous said...

Ken is correct. Well, I'm not sure about the "uniform" rules--but Ken is probably right there, too.

But, yes, if a kick is blocked, the kicker turns into a defender (if the other team tries to return the ball) and can be blocked, make a tackle, etc. Also, if the kicking team runs a fake, the kicker can turn into a running back or quarterback. That's usually pretty amusing to watch.