Monday, February 26, 2007

More misinformation on Title IX

In an article in the Lexington Herald-Leader (out of Kentucky), reprinted from a Florida paper, the author discusses the truth behind college scholarships. It is for all the parents sinking thousands of dollars into the children's sports in an effort to get them a "full ride" to let them know that that's not how college athletics work. Most scholarships are only partial ones. Most teams are allotted a certain number of scholarships and the coach divides them among players with not everyone getting an equal piece--or any piece at all.
In some sports this does not happen--like football and men's and women's basketball--where full scholarships are awarded.
But in other sports there are more limits, with, says the author, fewer limits on women's sports because of Title IX.
In actuality, women in collegiate sports receive less scholarship dollars than male athletes. It may look like women's soccer has more scholarships than it's "equivalent" men's soccer team, but it is not a comparison of like with like but with total dollars. And because so many total scholarship dollars go to men's football, other men's sports like soccer and baseball and track, etc. appear to be getting less than women's sports. In actuality, everyone is getting less than football.

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