Thursday, February 08, 2007

National Girls and Women in Sport Day

OK it was yesterday. I knew it was coming but I have been seeing articles about NGWSD for over a week now so I hadn't really pinned down the date. This year's theme: Throw Like a Girl--Lead Like a Champion. I am still wary about the "reclaiming" of the "throw like a girl." I at least hope there was some discussion about its meaning when the theme was being decided upon.
Here are some links to articles about how people are celebrating and why we still need a special day:

There are many more stories about colleges and local entities running clinics or having speakers. All in all it seems like awareness of girls' and women's sports was up--for a day anyway. But drawing on something the Guerrilla Girls said about Black History and Women's History Month--what happens the rest of the year?

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