Thursday, October 25, 2007

The concessions women's sports make

As a member of Friends of UNH Women's Hockey I receive the regular updates of how the team is doing. [They're doing well so far this season, thanks for asking!]
This week's update mentions the usual accolades: good wins, players reaching milestones, rookies winning recognition, etc. It also previewed the week's coming contests.
Tonight UNH travels to Boston to take on Boston College, a team that has finally come into its own. [They did have that whole coaching scandal last spring with head coach Tom Mutch resigning after it was revealed he was involved with a freshman player on the team. But former Olympian Katie King has taken over and it looks like promoting her to head coach from her position as an assistant was a good decision.]
Fans attending the game have a couple of things to worry about. Last week's contest between the men of BC and UNH was called after two periods because they couldn't keep the arena, Conte Forum, cold enough as the weather outside was far above average fall temps. The arena was filled with fog and the ice was soft.
Probably not going to be an issue tonight. But hunger may be. Fans were warned to eat before coming to the game. Why? Because the Conte Forum concession stands are not open during women's games. It's always a crapshoot whether one will be able to get food at a women's game. And frankly, that sucks. But these days most schools are opening at least some of their stands during games. I know that UNH, Harvard, Northeastern, Connecticut, Minnesota (but that was during the Frozen Four--not sure what their regular season policy is) all have open stands during women's games.
It's not that we all need watery hot chocolate and over salted, under-buttered, bordering on stale popcorn. It's the principle. The message one gets at a women's game at Conte Forum is basically: we let the women play here. They are clearly an afterthought especially if you see what happens at a men's game at Conte Forum: it's an event, an experience. BC women's hockey has made a name for itself in a fairly short period of time. They made a surprise run to the Frozen Four last year and they deserve better treatment. And that's saying a lot coming from a UNH fan.

10/26 UPDATE: UNH beat BC 4-1

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