Tuesday, October 23, 2007

New channel just for women's sports

It seems specialized sports channels are all the rage of late. The Big Ten Network started broadcasting this fall. (Haven't heard how that is going.) And now plans are in the works for a Women's Sports Network that will start operating in 2008 and feature women's sports from around the world. The network is helmed by American Catherine Masters who is the founder and CEO. Though based in the U.S., the network will partner with the British womensportsreport.com to ensure coverage from around the world.

Though it does not appear there are any plans for live broadcasts, the network is still a step forward in the journey to bring more media coverage--more sustained coverage--to women's sports.

Additionally, the network will have an internet presence giving viewers the ability to watch on their computers after installing the appropriate video player.

The press release linked above has information about getting games and teams covered as well as contact info for advertisers.

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