Saturday, October 20, 2007

More on new Atlanta team

Here's a Q&A with Ron Terwilliger, the owner of the new WNBA franchise in Atlanta on how the team came about, why Atlanta is a good spot for an expansion team, and how it will get up and running so quickly.

One little bitty concern I have: Terwilliger said--as part of his answer as to why he wanted to do this--"I've watched some women's basketball on TV..." [emphasis mine]

Some? Uh-oh. I realize team ownership is a business but it would be nice if the owner actually came into it a fan already. That said, Terwilliger does see the WNBA as a successful league already but one that needs to mature. And he wouldn't undertake this business venture, I would think, if he did not have confidence in not just his team's, but the league's, success.

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