Wednesday, December 26, 2007

"Look, they give each other exercise food!"

It's nice having friends, lovers, family members, etc. who are athletically-inclined. Because athletically inclined people give other athletically inclined people very useful and fun gifts. And sure, some people, like a friend who uttered the above as she watched the gift exchange, don't quite get it--but that's ok.
Given and received around here this year:
  • A membership to the Women's Sports Foundation--and yes, there is still time to become a member and have your donation be matched by an anonymous donor. So my $50 membership is actually worth $100.
  • Stuff to keep warm: ski cap, wind-resistant grippy gloves, toe covers for cycling shoes, wind-resistant reflector vest
  • Accessories and necessities: tennis balls, handlebar wraps, bike odometer
  • Workout stuff: "just the right length" shorts with pockets, Life is Good t-shirt
  • Oh yes, the above mentioned "exercise food": trail mix and Shot Bloks.

Not bad.

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