Sunday, December 30, 2007

Thanks be to God...

...for bowl games. And especially let's give thanks for bowl game wins.

I wonder if that's what the priest who was on Boston College's sidelines at Friday night's Champs Bowl game in Orlando said when the team returned to the locker room after their 24-21 victory over Michigan State.

It's naive, I know, to be shocked to see, as the camera zooms in on the head coach, a smiling man in all black sporting a white collar close behind him. I would be smiling too--someone who takes a vow of poverty ends up with one of the best seats in the house. And all he had to do was pray. And I guess it worked--or at least that's what BC is preaching--because BC pulled out the win despite a 4th quarter touchdown by Michigan State. Ah, the glory of God descended on the school (along with millions of dollars and probably a hefty bonus for first-year head coach Jeff Jagodzinski--though some of his 4th quarter plays are being questioned).

My area of study is not sport and religion, but I know enough to not be surprised at the overt ways in which religion is incorporated so blithely into sporting events. But I am--continuously. The ironies of most of these situations are endless. I would list them but I have to get to church.*

*Not really. I have to go to teach indoor cycling--which, if I do a good enough job, could manifest as a religious experience for some people.

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