Tuesday, December 11, 2007

'Tis the season for giving

I had planned to do a more complete post about charitable giving oportunities related to sport this season, and I will, but I saw this brief in The Mercury News today about bikes for kids. This Saturday a group will gather at the San Jose Convention Center to assemble about 2,000 bikes to give to underprivileged kids in the area. Brandi Chastain will be there will some young female athletes from the Bay Area Women's Sports Initiative. The group sponsoring the event is TurningWheels for Kids who said they have plenty of volunteers for the assembly process but would like to raise about $6,000 more to buy more bikes. If you're interested in helping out in that respect call Turning Wheels at (408) 316-3497 or go to their website.
It sounds like a good program, but I hope they're giving out helmets with all those bikes!


Anonymous said...

Helmets AND locks! :)

Thanks for the plug, we can't wait for Saturday. Come out and see it if you can, it's quite a site!

Board Member

ken said...

Good luck with your event, Sarah. Glad to see safety and security are included! Unfortunately I am on the opposite coast (though longing for a little CA weather right about now).