Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The competing mommy discourses

Throughout much of the US Open I was thinking, "glad I don't have kids!" But the other day I started thinking "I gotta get myself knocked up!"
Why the radical switch? Well the former sentiment emerged after hearing, ad nauseum, about coming back from pregnancy and all the emphasis on motherhood in the wake of the Kim Clijsters return. All the attention made it seem like motherhood is some kind of disability. Is it really so astonishing that someone who is a great athlete, is young, and gave birth over a year ago can get to the top of her game again? So what's up with the kid gloves for mommies?
Then there is the opposing discourse which cites all the benefits of pregnancy: an increase in red blood cells, the endurance from said increase, the mental benefits, increased flexibility (which could be a bad thing depending on where it is happening and what sport you do), possible muscle increase in the first trimester because of the hormone surge.
There have been rumors that the East Germans used to encourage their female athletes to get pregnant (and then abort) to experience the legal benefits of pregnancy. Of course there are a lot of rumors about what the East Germans used to do and most of them would seem to be incompatible with even the possibility of pregnancy.
Seems like the jury is still out on this whole pregnancy thing in female athletes. Think I will remain child free and stick to drinking my Muscle Milk.

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