Friday, September 04, 2009

It's coming...

I am headed to a Harvest Bonfire tonight which means it is getting chillier (at least at night). And if it's getting colder out that means....
The US National Team, heavy on the youngsters, is prepping for the Olympics. Right now they are in Vancouver at the Hockey Canada Cup. They beat main rival Canada 4-2 the other day. Demolished Sweden 7-0 after an opening game loss to Finland (3-2). [You can follow the team on Facebook which is where I get all my info given the dearth of coverage in mainstream media.]
But the really cool news is this:
UNH is playing Northeastern January 8 at 4:30.
So what, you say. Sounds like Hockey East business as usual. But oh no, my friends. The game is being played at Fenway Park! Oh yes. In a Hockey East promotional the teams are playing outdoors on a rink to be built in Fenway.
Tickets go on sale to the general public September 17. I have the secret password though and should be getting my tix shortly. It might finally be the year to knit that wool UNH sweater I have been planning--'cause it's going to be brrrrr cold.


EBuz said...

You didn't invite me!? Or offer me the secret password!?

EBuz said...

Ahh never mind. Curse the timing! I'll be in New Orleans.