Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Stop picking on women's tennis!

Seriously, what is this about?
When Steffi Graf ruled the court people didn't like it. When the Williams sisters were squashing everyone on their way to finals, people didn't like it. And now that things are up for grabs? People don't like it.
Most admit that the Williams sisters dominate most of the time. But injuries and reduced non-Slam schedules mean they now meet before the finals. Though again let us recall that not too long ago the above-mentioned complaints about this frequent meeting in the finals and their dominance over other players.
So now we have Dinara Safina at the #1 spot in the rankings and the US Open seedings. And what do they say? She hasn't earned it because she hasn't won a Grand Slam (and she has choked in a few slam finals of late.) But she's getting to slam finals and she's pretty entertaining along the way--on the court and off. Today she had to fight it out again, almost becoming the first number one seed to lose in the first round. Was it entertaining? I thought so. But we'll hear all about the illegitimacy of the rankings system, yada, yada.
And then there was Venus Williams last night--also pushed to three sets. Also entertaining. (Also note that Venus did not have the best of summers post Wimbledon.) But likely to be heard is the prevalence of injuries among the sisters Williams and their "distractions" off the courts.
And now Kim Clijsters is back and instead of being wicked psyched--which one should be because she's fun and nice and a good player--people are all like "well what does it say about the women's game that she can come back and have a 6-2 record for the summer season?" Well I think it says that she--as she always has--trains very well. And that she's a veteran and she has almost nothing to lose.
So let's just stop all the trash talking, please. Yes, there are issues in the women's game. (Like the lack of variety in terms of playing style.) But I personally like that it's anyone's guess as to who will be in that final in less than two weeks. And I look forward to seeing how they get there.

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