Sunday, February 07, 2010

As you watch the Super Bowl...

...think about Saints player Scott Fujita whose open support of gay rights including an appearance at October's National Equality March. His advocacy has gone nearly unnoticed with the recent Tebow controversy.

Also do not forget that women play professional football--and not just in their underwear (a la the Lingerie League). Here's my friend, Bobbi--sorry, Dr. Knapp, who is a former player herself and wrote her dissertation on women's professional football. She reminds us that the early years of the NFL---you know, like, the first thirty--were not profitable for the league. In other words, stop the doomsday talk about women's professional sports!

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Diane said...

That's a really nice article on Scott. He isn't the first Saint to voice progressive opinions--Ricky Williams played for the Saints (and was torn apart by the media for non-football reasons).