Friday, February 26, 2010

ken: Rogge must improve to stay

Apologies to NBC Sports for lifting their headline "Rogge: Women's hockey must improve to stay." But seriously. Last night's game was good. Yes, it's unfortunate that earlier games were lopsided. And I have to think that Melody Davis might be singing a different tune if she doesn't have a job because Rogge kicks women's hockey out of the games. But I am not blaming her for refusing to play down to save women's hockey. Because it is after all pretty counter intuitive.
But I don't think he can do that. It flies in the face of any gender equity commitment--no matter which side of Rogge's mouth it's coming out of.
And obviously I don't think he should do that. [I'm being deeply analytical this morning!]
In the same breath Rogge is encouraging the NHL commissioner, in the battle of the white men who control sports, to allow the pros to compete in 2014. Are we seeing part of the problem here? The men's tournament is comprised of teams that field professional hockey players. Players who GET PAID to develop their games ALL YEAR and not every four years.
As if it's not bad enough I had to watch the US lose last night,* I have to deal with this crap the morning after.

* OK I wasn't that sad--that Platinum martini helped, I think--and I kind of expected it.

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