Saturday, February 27, 2010

It's never anything good when they're talking women's hockey

I complained yesterday about the crap I had to "deal" with in the form of the criticism levied against women's hockey by the powers-that-be, namely Monsier Rogge who wants the women to improve the depth of their game or else face elimination from the Olympics.

But it's not nearly as much crap as the members of the gold-winning Canadian women's team found themselves in the morning after. Because long after the crowd had dispersed the women went back on the ice with champagne and beer and cigars. There were, however, members of the press still in the arena. And thus there are now pictures. And the IOC is investigating. Given that they kicked Scotty Lago out of the games for behavior that occurred outside an Olympic venue, one would think things do not look good for the team. But it's also a tad more difficult to kick out a whole team, that happens to have a gold medal, and also is from the host country.
Not that they should be kicked be out. (Lago's ousting was a bit harsh as well and given the press he has gotten since, the IOC is not going to be looking so hot.)
So this has generated a lot of news-like chatter. More than all the "concern" over the lack of depth in the women's game even. Some ESPN blowhard seems to be deeply affronted.
But thankfully some are calling out the double standard that is slapping these women across the face. Even some people employed by ESPN (do you believe in miracles?) are noting that if this was the men's team this wouldn't be a big deal. Also that many men's teams have engaged in far more raucous behavior.
But that does not negate the you-knew-they-were-coming comments about lesbians, dykes, white trash as well as some pretty virulent anti-Canadian sentiments. What's up with that anyway? When did Canadians become the enemy?
And then there is the "who cares? It's women's hockey" comments found scattered around the internet. Of course these people cared enough to comment in the first place...

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