Saturday, February 11, 2012

Another athlete proud of her body

Alex Morgan is also proud of her teammates' bodies.
And that is why she joined the cadre of other female athletes in proudly showing off her body in a photo shoot.
This is Morgan in a photo USWNT:
And this is a preview of Morgan from the photo shoot she did for the SI Swimsuit Issue.

That's not a bikini, by the way. It's paint.

OK. That is all.


Anonymous said...

At least Wambach & Sundage have a pinup for their lockers now

ken said...

BBrothers, is that you again??

Anonymous said...

No, but I was totally thinking about posting it and adding you and your girlfriend / wife whatever to the list of grateful recipients. You rock that deal.

Congrats to the Anonymous first poster. Trust me when I say that if I had been first I'd claim it. Seems you have more than one reader. Go Figure.

You got me bounced from WTS with your feminist whining. Nice job. We'll see if you can handle it here. Probably too much First Amendment for you.

Time to Woman Up. All the sisters are watching.

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, the reduction of a complex issue to sexual gazes and the assumption that naked (or nearly naked) photos provide proper titillation for all involved. Can we instead think about how these images are indicative of an era when "sex sells" seems to rule the day and when the WPS can't seem to get its act together?

Or (going way off topic) even perhaps the myriad ways in which her "swimsuit," despite its pinks and purples, overwhelmingly looks like the good ole red white and blue... leading us to the ongoing disproportionate effects that this War on Terror has had on women's bodies both "at home" and "far away"?

Anonymous said...

Seriously? Save illogical rants like this for your Gender Studies classes. Thanks for proving up how out of touch with reality you and your friends are.