Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Fine, I'm a sap

Because I was pretty much unabashedly crying in a coffee shop while listening to Frank Deford this morning on Morning Edition. (Seriously--more so than the story about the softball players who carried their injured opponent around the bases so she could have the only home-run of her career.)
Deford told the story of the college senior Cory Weissman who got playing time in his last collegiate game--his only playing time since suffering a stroke in his freshman year.
Read and listen to it here. (If those Folgers commercials stir something in you, though, I would take precautions before listening: do not listen to while driving, for example.)
I could interrogate some of the finer details, provide some commentary.
But I think I will just stifle the cynicism and take it as the feel-good story of the week.

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