Sunday, May 28, 2006

Major transgression

I was thinking this morning that I hadn't followed up on my "trangressions" in sport entry where I talk about some of the missteps that occur in the wide world of sport. I suppose most of the things I write about could fall under this category in one way or another but one just came up and hit me hard across the face. I am/was watching game 3 of Tennessee/Michigan. It was a 1-0 game in Tennessee's favor when ESPN cut away to Barry Bonds's at bat. Okay--this had already happened once and I was not upset. Sure I get it--history in the making, breaking a record blah blah blah. So he actually did it this time. Okay, fine. What has proceeded has been ridiculous. Three guys in suits decided to talk about it without really saying anything profound and some of them chose to excuse Bonds's alleged (but really we all know the score) drug use. Lovely. And then ESPN decided to show this mini-retrospective of his career. Are you fuckin' kidding me? Sport Center is a hlaf hour away--do it then. Those of us who had been tuned in actually want to see the end of the game which--I forgot to mention--was in the 6th inning. Back to the three shallow suits who assure us softball fans that they will return to the game where they left it. No such luck. They returned to the shot of Tennessee celebrating and the score solidly positioned on the screen: 1-0 Tennessee, Final. Then they went back and showed not where they left off, but the last halg inning.
I hate ESPN. If you do too please send them well-articulated hate mail by clicking this link:

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Anonymous said...

I was livid at the amount of time ESPN chose to cover the Bonds HR at the expense of the final inning of a dramatic softball series. THanks for providing the link so that I could express my disappointment to ESPN directly.

Furthermore, what I didn't complain about to ESPN, but I'll say here, is that it's not like Bonds's 715th homerun actually broke the HR record. All he did was move from being tied for second place to being alone in second place. Even if his "performance" wasn't "enhanced" I don't really think that earning second place in the record books deserves as much hoopla as it received.