Sunday, May 21, 2006

The Weenie is on the offensive

After failed negotiations to settle the discrimination suit brought against her by a former Penn State player, basketball coach Rene (rhymes with weenie in case you forgot) Portland has allegedly gone on the offensive to fight these outrageous claims against her. Where I do I even begin with this?
OK how about here. Portland comments that she is taking this offensive stance after months of remaining silent because she feels she must counter the "agendas" of complainant Jennifer Harris and the National Center for Lesbian Rights that represents Harris. Invoking "agenda" of course rings of conservative cries of the gay agenda apparently infiltrating our schools, our homes (through such crazy shows as Will and Grace--conservatives must be breathing a sigh of relief that it finally lef the air, eh?), and our minds. Mwah, hah, hah, hah. (That's my evil gay agenda laugh.) Yes, the gay agenda is so manipulative and frightening. Damn Harris and the NCLR for asking for things like equality and anti-discrimination rules (and adherence to those rules where they already exist on paper like at Penn State.)
Next, her comment about the lies being propagated against her rings a little false--to put it mildly--given that Penn State has already fined her $10,000 for violating the school's nondiscrimination policy. Oh yeah and she has stated PUBLICLY that she does not allow lesbians on her team. She notes that this is first time in 26 years that a complaint has been made against her. Not a stunning defense (offense?) given the hyper-homophobic atmosphere in collegiate athletics.
And finally let's consider this "on the offensive" metaphor Portland has chosen to employ. Portland has been on the offense her entire career. A statement about not allowing lesbians on her team and using it as a recruiting tool is an offensive move. It's hard to see Portland as some maligned straight female. Sure, at this moment, she has been placed on the defensive--literally--but it's a result of her own offense that has gone unchecked for years.


Anonymous said...

She's seriously arguing that the fact that no one has sued her before means she's innocent? Oy vey.

This isn't some out-of-the-blue revelation. We've hated her since long before she ever recruited Jennifer Harris!

Anonymous said...

Anyone who has worked with women know that women talk about sex more than men. She's guilty!