Thursday, October 12, 2006

Send this bitch!

Words uttered by...guesses? Some misogynist male perhaps? A man in power trying to assert his masculinity?
Nope--it was our female coxswain who said this to our boat this morning during what otherwise was a quite enjoyable row on a very serene and mild morning.
Yes, on our last push back to the dock we were instructed to "send this bitch"--the bitch being the boat I would assume. I couldn't think too long about it at the time because despite the ability of many Olympic-level crews to make it look nearly effortless, it actually requires an amazing amount of concentration--no matter what level.
Thinking about it after I got out of the boat, I remained somewhat shocked, slightly offended and generally perturbed. I think it has something to do with the sexually charged atmosphere of sports. I had, until this point, not experienced crew as sexually charged but I figured that was because I escaped some of this because I am in a community rowing program.
Our coxswain does both community and collegiate rowing so maybe things are different. But she called the boat a bitch which is just odd though I suppose, slightly better than calling a person(s) a bitch--but maybe she does during races. Luckily she was a temp and I won't have to find out.

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