Monday, October 30, 2006

Things that make me go hmmm...

1. I knew there were a lot of regulations around the size of women's bathing suits in beach volleyball and also where logos can be placed, how big, etc. I did not know though that six centimeters is the maximum height for the sides of the bikini bottoms. Guess shorts--of any length--just are not an option even if it's a chilly day at the beach. Guesses on the maximum length of the men's suits???
2. It was not until 1998 that a revision of the Amateur Sports Act (originally passed in 1978) forced the United States Olympic Committee to fund Paralympic athletes. When I went to Salt Lake in 2002 there was a lot of advertising of the Paralympic Games that were to follow the Olympics. I witnessed what I thought was a strong commitment to encouraging spectators to attend. For some reason I thought this had always been the case. Guess I was a little naive.
Also, it seems that the IOC doesn't just dislike the gays using their name. The IOC has forced the Paralympics to change their logo several times because it too closely resembled the (trademarked) Olympic rings though none of the designs had actual rings in them.
3. A key eye witness in the Duke lacrosse rape scandal has gone public with a story about the events of the night last March when a dancer from a nearby college alleges she was raped by three of the players. The fellow dancer, Kim Roberts, has changed her story several times now. I don't think changing one's story means she is necessarily lying but I don't see her as being a very credible witness for either side. As much as I would like to see "justice" served, I am not looking forward to the start of this trial next spring.

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