Saturday, March 17, 2007

Good commercial

So often I seem to be complaining about offensive and/or exploitative commercials. But tonight I saw a good one.
During the finals of the men's Hockey East tournament, One Hockey ran the best ad for youth hockey. It starts in a classroom where a boy is methodically wetting a piece of paper, and slyly pulling a deconstructed pen out of his sleeve. He quickly turns and executes his spitball in the direction of a seemingly unsuspecting girl.
But she is able to block his shot with her notebook which she whips up in front of her face at the last second much to the shooter's amazement.
Why is the girl so quick? Because she's a hockey goalie, of course. And in the next scene we see her don her helmet and play with other kids (gender unknown).
Made me smile which was a good thing given that my alma mater, UNH, lost the championship.

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