Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Keeping the discussion going

This weekend there will be some good discussions about homophobia in sport. Down in Atlanta, in conjunction with the men's Final Four, Human Rights Campaign and It Takes a Team (part of the Women's Sports Foundation) are sponsoring a panel of current and former athletes who are gay or transgender, including the recently out John Amaechi. The majority of the panel are gay men. HRC's Mark Shields said "This is an important discussion to be had in terms of both male and female athletes at all levels of sports. Unfortunately, due to scheduling issues with other events around the country, several leading female athletes were not able to participate in our panel this weekend in Atlanta."
Yes, the rest of us, including Pat Griffin, director of It Takes a Team, will be in Cleveland this weekend (starting today actually) for the "Girls and Women Rock: Celebrating 35 Years of Sport and Title IX" conference. Homophobia will certainly be discussed here, among other things of course.
So much dialogue in one weekend!

UPDATE: Here is a good article about homophobia in sport and the Atlanta panel.

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