Thursday, March 22, 2007

Holy crap!

Rene Portland has resigned!
I am a little bit in shock but not so much that I cannot do the schadenfreude dance.
OK. I am back.
I think many of us knew that Portland would leave in the not too distant future, but I imagined it would be in a few years when her contract ran out; when she could announce her "retirement" and everyone would save face.
Her resignation may not be part of the settlement--though there seem to be some discussion about the level of voluntarily-ness--but Jennifer Harris's lawsuit had to have been a factor.
After all the publicity, including that about Penn State's passive stance towards Portland's public no-lesbian policy, it had to have been hard to keep her as the face of the Lions women's basketball team. One has to think that the administration did a little bit of nudging.
Like the details of the settlement, I am sure all the details of Portland's resignation will never be known. So just let your imagination run wild.

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