Thursday, March 22, 2007

There goes the bracket

I am, admittedly, biased, but I think the women's NCAA basketball tournment has been far more exciting than the men's tourney thus far this year.
This op-ed, written before either tournament began, complains about the lack of coverage for women's sports--particularly women's basketball and places the blame largely on the shoulders of the NCAA.
I am not sure if blame rests entirely there. The NCAA really is not in the business of promotion; technically they are about governance. It's media outlets that decide what to publish and televise and thus promote.
Regardless of who is the biggest culprit in the lack of promotion of women's sports, this year's women's tournament has been outstanding. My bracket--and lots of other people's I am sure--is pretty much shot with upsets of teams like #2 seed Maryland, Stanford, and the early exit of Ohio State. But it's exciting to watch these teams from "lesser" conferences make a run at the title.
The sweet 16 starts this weekend and for all those whose brackets are better used as scrap paper now, I am sorry; and to everyone who entered a pool that only had the men's tournament--I hope you have seen the error of your ways.

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