Sunday, July 20, 2008

Golf weirdness

So much for Michelle Wie's big comeback. The teen was disqualified from the State Farm Classic where she had been in second place. It looked like today's final round was going to be a good with Yani Tseng, the amazing rookie who won the LPGA Championship earlier this summer, and is the leader, paired with Wie.
Seems like Wie just cannot avoid controversy and this time it was all about a missing signature. She forgot to sign her scorecard on Friday after she completed her round. She left the tent where such an action was supposed to occur, was chased down by volunteers, she signed it outside the tent. But it was too late according to tournament officials who found out after she had already started playing Saturday.
I don't really have an opinion on this whole thing. It seems that Wie is a little distracted though to not to something as basic as sign her scorecard. We could psychoanalyze the behavior but I don't have a whole lot of faith in psychoanalysis as a field anyway. But I can definitely see those outside of golf laughing at what might appear to be a ridiculous rule: you have to sign the scorecard within a certain roped off area. But it is a rule and others don't seem to have problems following it and the overall importance of a proper scorecard is valid.
Given that Wie's game seems to be greatly affected by everything going on around her (no judgment there, just an observation), you have to think she's not bouncing back quickly from this latest blunder.

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Diane said...

No psychoanalysis here--despite my personal fondness for it :-)--but a little guess from a psychotherapist, nonetheless: Wie may have some attention/focus issues. I'm not saying she does, but it's entirely possible, and if so, it would be hard for her to remember a stupid rule about where to sign her scorecard. I'm sorry this happened to her.