Thursday, July 31, 2008

Hi-tech (ok not really) cheating

I was astounded the other day when I read over at Women Who Serve, that a junior player was using an earpiece to receive coaching from her father.
The earpiece thing falls into more hi-tech cheating in my mind--though I guess if you've ever watched any James Bond movie or Alias you're probably thinking not so much. A little more low-tech: cell phones.
But apparently they can and have been used for cheating. Or so was reported to me when I got the rules for tennis districts, which start tomorrow.
Be there 30 minutes early, use a super tiebreaker for the third cell phones on court because text messaging has been used for coaching. Seriously?
Previously you had to make sure your cell phone was silent. Any ringing cell phone resulted in point penalties. This year--any sighting of a cell phone on court results in loss of points.
Guess I am just going to have rely on some old-fashioned, tried and true methods of cheating: look up to my fan box and wait until someone waves a banana at me.

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Diane said...

But remember, ken, at the end of the life is not about a banana.