Monday, July 21, 2008

Who's a good feminist?

It's me! Generally I dislike the phrase "good feminist" because it doesn't say much without an explanation of what one means when using the term feminist and it also is pretty judgy.
But I'm not going there today.
I simply want to point out that sometimes just sharing some facts can make a difference.
Because when one of my tennis teammates emailed the group about the gift we were getting for our team captain, I felt the need to point out a problem. The plan was to purchase two gift certificates: one to the local spa, the other to Tennis Warehouse (so she could get some more animal print outfits--I won't even go there). So I responded that maybe we should consider the fact that TW still retains Justin Gimelstob as an endorser despite his recent misogynistic rants and that the company's recent apology didn't really cut it.
And I was listened to. It could be that going with a local store is more practical (though the local place has lousy selection). But I don't care. I raised some issues, wasn't called a radical, downer of a feminist, and may have actually got what I wanted.

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