Friday, July 18, 2008

Utterly devastated

Me...and the US National Women's Soccer team.
Because Abby Wambach has broken her leg. And not just broken her leg. But broken it in two places and in need of a titanium rod.
Of course this means no Beijing for her.
The breakage happened in the first half of a match against Brazil when Wambach collided with a Brazilian player.
Here's a YouTube video in which you can see the incident (over and over again) for yourself. (Someday I will learn how to import these things.) I haven't listened to the audio on the 7+ minute clip yet but you can see how it happened.

h/t to Ebuz for breaking the bad news to me.


Gender Blank said...

Just a helpful hint on embedding YouTube videos: there is a gray box next to the video, at the bottom of which it says "embed." Just copy the code and paste it into your post.

Very sad news about Wambach, indeed.

ken said...

Thanks, gb!