Wednesday, August 20, 2008

'Cause I don't wanna blog about the Olympics today...

...I offer a brief observation from my day.
I was walking by a daycare/activity program in my progressive little city* today with children who looked to be about 6 and 7 playing outside. One of the supervisors was a high school age young man. He was organizing and participating in some playground football. All boys. The girls were off to the side at a picnic table in the shade doing some arts and crafts-y type thing. Supervisor threw the football and a younger boy missed it and it landed amidst the girls who squealed as if it someone had chucked a half dead squid on their glitter pinwheels.
It seems like, if we can teach girls to be afraid of a football, we should be just as able to teach them not to be. And to perhaps even throw and catch one. And while we're at it how about extolling the virtues of a little glitter in a boy's life?

*Well they like to think they are progressive anyway. I would say people here are more liberal than progressive. The other day my realtor, speaking about people we know in common, wondered aloud if they had a "sick little threesome" going on. In other words, there's lots of judgment under it all.

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