Saturday, August 30, 2008

US Open Week 1: The Fashion

It's been a while since I have done a fashion review but with the absence of Maria Sharapova I feel some of the fashion discussions have tapered. And since much of this blog is about filling in the gaps (and gaffes) of commentators (though usually on a more political and philosophical level) I figured "why not." Besides it's Saturday.

Jelena Jankovic's yellow dress? Ick. At least when it had the silver belt thing on it. I liked it much better without the adornment which she took off some time during her (2.5 hour) second round match against Sofia Arvidsson.
Arvidsson was wearing the not so pretty-in-pink Adidas outfit that several of the players are sporting this year. Not a fan of the design on the top nor the color.

In other Adidas fashion: I liked Ana Ivanovic's white top and dusty purple skirt. I like the sleeves on the top and the cut of the skirt.

I liked some versions of the taupe/orange combo Adidas has for the women. Patty Schnyder's outfit, for example. But not the dress version Elena Vesnina wore the other night against Serena Williams. The petal skirt wasn't that appealing to me.

But what is up with the men's line? Novak Djokovic's outfit is startling. The shirt, the turquoise shorts--yikes!

Taupe must be the new black because one of Nike's lines incorporates the color as well--paired with red. Roger Federer is wearing the men's line and I have to say a little boring. A little staid. The all taupe version especially so. I like it much better with the red top.
Nike was hit and miss with their colors this season. I really like Serena Williams's red Nike dress. It's a nice cut on her and the matching headband is cute.
But the royal blue outfits I have seen worn by Sam Stosur and some others--not so pretty against the blue of the courts--or generally.

Not so much a fan of Venus's dress which is the black version of her Wimbledon dress. She's always tugging at it, too.

Upset-maker Tatiana Perebiynis (she beat bronze-medal winner Vera Zvonereva) from the Ukraine is wearing Fila. Usually I am not a Fila fan but I saw this dress in the pro shop at the Pilot Pen and took quite a liking to it. Perebiynis wore a white one against Zvonerava but the periwinkle version in her first round.

Sveta Kuznetsova's Fila outfit: not as nice. Cut of the top wasn't great on her. Skirt was okay.

I want to end by talking about underwear. Why doesn't the underwear match anymore? Under both Serena's red dress and her opponent Vesnina's taupe dress: black compression shorts. I find it very off-putting. It's part of the outfit. It should be coordinated.

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Diane said...

For me, Maria Kirilenko in her stunning Stella McCartneys is always the best, followed by that other Maria.

And yes--Perebiynis's dress is beautiful; I really like it. And this is the first time I've even seen Patty wear something I like.

I really like Fed's smoky taupe and coral red, but then--I like Fed in anything.