Monday, August 11, 2008

Hockey Hall of Fame: No women allowed

Sure, it's August and some of you are like what are you talking about ice hockey for? Well some of us are always thinking about hockey--I'm not actually one of them. Once college hockey season ends I move on.
But those Canadians, they think about hockey ALL THE TIME, as evidenced by this editorial in the Edmonton Journal. It seems that the Hockey Hall of Fame has never inducted a female player. They have an exhibit on women's hockey but no inductees. Hmmm...curious. Well not really if you're paying any attention at all so I guess such a fact then is just plain disturbing/annoying/irksome--insert your adjective of choice.
The writer does a fairly good job with the history of women's hockey and the the arguments/excuses levied against women's participation.

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anonymous said...

Good thing the U.S. Hall does not have this issue: