Sunday, August 24, 2008

Olympics: The Last Day

I could have blogged incessantly about the Olympics and all the issues about gender (and I do still have a few things to say--but later), but I had some issues about giving the Olympics too much attention given all the controversies over the games. I'm disappointed that the American media failed to address the issues of human rights and animal abuse once the games began; as well as the things that went largely undiscussed--how the government made sure there was enough water in Beijing by taking it from the country, greatly affecting the people who live there. I share the concern by some that once the media and tourists vacate, seeing that it got away with little protest the things it got away with, that the government will continue to engage in abusive behavior.
I would say, "we shall see." But we probably won't.
I have heard that the coverage provided by other nations was a little more attentive but in some respects those media are preaching to the choir given the seemingly greater awareness of such issues that many non-Americans have.

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