Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Annika's last tournament

Even though she didn't win the European Tour's Dubai Ladies Masters (another women's sporting event in Dubai--this is very interesting. What is it about Dubai?) Annika Sorenstam ended her competitive career with a very nice putt for birdie on the 18th last weekend. I missed all but the highlights of Sorenstam's day because I tuned in only in time to see the last groups finish the last few holes.
But the Golf Channel had a little Annika segment during their news show right after the coverage ended. And, for once, I was glad that women's sports get the short shrift from the media. Because the half hour news show which provides scores, highlights, etc. did the Annika segment first, which meant I did not have to wait around through all the boring stuff like the little tiff between Tiger Woods's caddy and someone else whose name I don't remember (Phil Mickelson's maybe) caddy. (Good reminder that the term "drama" should not just be applied to women's sports when we're talking interpersonal relations.) Of course, I should also be pissed. I mean we're talking one of the best people to ever play the game; someone who has been an amazing representative of the sport (without selling her soul or her body to do it) despite her clear need for privacy.
Most segments about the retirement of such a person would end a show. They would tease you for the first 20 minutes with what was "coming up" and then finally put it at the end. So it's a bummer Sorenstam didn't get that same treatment. But I was glad to be able to turn off the show and watch my DVR recording of an early L-Word episode. Mixed feelings, I suppose.

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