Monday, December 15, 2008

What's happening with the WPS

New year is going to bring the first season of Women's Professional Soccer. I had almost forgotten about it what with hockey and basketball well underway and golf winding down.
But there was this piece in the LA Times about US midfielder Shannon Boxx, who appears to be happier than ever and thus playing better. Boxx says that it has a lot to do with the arrival of Pia Sundhage. Not surprising given the havoc previous coach Greg Ryan wreaked (and I'm not just talking about the Hope Solo incident.
Not so sure about the opening line of the Boxx profile: "Shannon Boxx isn't as scary as she looks." Always a little concerned when black people are referred to as scary. It's a little loaded. Besides it's not her looks that make her scary, it's her playing style and skills that strike fear in her opponents. A big, in my mind, distinction.
Boxx is playing for the LA Sol, who, like the rest of the WPS, will be outfitted in Puma apparel, according to the Wall Street Journal. Players who are currently under contract with other cleat manufacturers will not have to wear the Puma shoes, however.
And as the article states:
That's just the start for Puma, which will have its name and logo on the league's balls, uniforms, goalkeeper equipment, even sports bras.
Apparently they are hoping for a Brandi moment at some point in the season.
So while Marta will be wearing Puma shoes--she's actually already under contract with the company. Players like Abby Wambach, who is with Nike, will not.
Wait, did someone say Abby Wambach? What is up with Abby Wambach?
Hard to say. Her allegedly official website has no injury update. So I have no idea where she is in her recovery. So just watch this You Tune video "Chillin' with Abby Wambach" and enjoy the pre-injured Abby looking pretty nice in her tank top as she makes pasta and discusses her unapologetic snoring.