Monday, December 08, 2008

What I did this weekend

On Saturday I did a 5K that benefited a local organization that helps women and their families who have been victims of domestic violence. And though there was a snazzy mug designed by cartoonist Hilary Price who writes and draws Rhymes with Orange, I was actually pleased that the proceeds (over $55,000 I heard) went to a local charity and was put together largely by donations from local businesses. So many charity runs spend a lot of money on advertising and prizes/gifts that, in the end, take away from the actual charity.

In the afternoon I managed to catch all of the NBC special on the Paralympics. I thought it was good. A good mix of stories in terms of sports participated in, type of disability, race, age, and "success" at the Beijing Games. Of course the producers could not have known the outcomes when they chose the athletes--not entirely at least--so this may have been more chance than not. There was a good segment on how China has become more aware and accommodating of disability. It even made the Great Wall accessible and there was footage of athletes on the wall. I do wish the show had addressed the barriers various Olympic committees have put up for the Paralympics. But since it was an NBC program and NBC has a contract with the Olympics that it would like to keep, it was not surprising that it would not engage in a critique of Olympic committee decisions that have negatively affected the Paralympics and Paralympians.

In the evening I went to see Tru Loved, a movie about a girl who starts a gay straight alliance at her high school. I didn't think it was going to be about sport really but was surprised by how integral one of the main character's football team experiences were in the plot. There was an evil homophobic coach, a homophobic friend/teammate who had a change of heart at the end, and even a guest appearance by Dave Kopay, who I didn't think actually looked like Dave Kopay (at least how I remembered him from the Chicago Gay Games). But I was assured it was him. It was a cute story. Not great acting overall but some great guest appearances including Jane Lynch who I wish had been more of a presence.

Last night I caught the end of the Del Webb Father/Son Challenge; an annual golf event for professional golfers and their sons. Except that it wasn't just fathers and sons. Arnold Palmer played with his grandson. (Okay not a huge stretch.) Paul Azinger played with Aaron Stewart who is the son of the late Payne Stewart and Fuzzy Zoeller played with his daughter Gretchen. This is all to say that I think they should change the name of the tournament and maybe even let some mothers in! How old are Julie Inkster's children??

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