Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A few tidbits

Baking and knitting and wrapping and shopping...
...oh, and shovelling and scraping.
Those are my excuses for my lack of posts this week. I saw an interesting story about a transwoman in a long drive (golf) competition that I plan on saying more about later. For now, just a couple things from the news.
First, current South Carolina head coach Dawn Staley (formerly of Temple and of course a US National team member/gold medal winner) has accumulated a few violations in her brief tenure. Doesn't look like anything major, but these things have a way of coming back to haunt coaches--especially the female ones.
A British-based website, Sky Sports, has done a year in review of professional women's tennis. I'm not sure I would agree that Venus Williams is the comeback player of the year because she didn't seem to ever really fall that far. The piece overall was a good reminder of the diverse array of talent that showed itself this year: four different slam winners and the most interesting matches occurring well before the finals.
There's also a men's review with an even more disturbing choice for comeback player: Roger Federer. But I agree with the writer that even though the best player in the world, Nadal, won the Olympic gold medal, tennis in the Olympics is just not quite right.
Over at the Huffington Post there's a piece about female fandom that briefly chastises the pink connection; it's mostly an aside but she mentions it twice.
That's all I've got for now.
Happy Holidays!

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