Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Add a tag; there's a new sport in town

I have been trying, of late, to whittle down my many post tags (largely unsuccessful as one can see). But it's time to add a sport to the list: kettlebell.
Never heard of kettlebell? Join the club. Well I have actually heard of it and knew people who did it, but I did not know it was a competitive endeavor. But indeed it is, with its own world championships (which means it's not as "new" as I may have lead you to believe. In fact it's a pretty big deal in Russia). There are two events, a snatch and a jerk (done with 2 kettlebells) and the competitors perform each for 10 minutes. Highest score wins.
And women do it too! Or they are just starting to. A club in Albany, NY is boasting that it is the first to form a women's kettlebell team. Experts say that women love it because it makes them strong but not bulky (god forbid!) and is a good combo of strength, flexibility, and cardio.
And apparently its popularity is growing in the US with many athletes using it to crosstrain and many companies producing kettlebells (the traditional ones look like cannonballs with handles) and kettlebell workouts. And in the most obvious sign of achieving popularity or notoriety, one can head to You Tube to watch some videos featuring kettlebell drills.
Looks interesting and I have been looking to add some variety to my workouts. But I am worried about the danger factor: when that bell gets out!

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