Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Really, USA Basketball?

Like I am not feeling ill enough with a yucky cold, now I read that Geno Auriemma is going to be the next national team coach. It's enough to make a gal want to stay in bed all day.
I don't get it. Sure he's a good coach if you look at his record. I happen to think coaching is more than a record. And it's no secret that I am not a fan of Auriemma and his latest reward for coaching a national championship team has landed him a permanent spot on my "I really don't like you" list.
It's not as if previous coaches have done such a bad job; at least the pile of gold medals would seem to indicate that. It's not as if there are not plenty of other people who can do the job.
Because on the international stage and especially at an event like the Olympics where there still isn't gender equity, I think it's important that the US send a coach who is at least an advocate for gender equity and/or women's sports. But I think that Geno just likes being a big man and getting lots of attention and if he can do that coaching women, so be it. He may understand the "women's game" but I don't think he understands the larger context of women in sport.


jfb said...

I would have like to see an up-and-comer get that job. From a developmental standpoint, it makes sense. The coaches at either Duke, Rutgers, Maryland or Oklahoma would have been better choices.

jfb said...

Obviously, Stringer isn't an up-and-comer, but I like her better than Geno anyway.

Helen said...

Really? An up-and-comer to lead the USA basketball team to the Olympics? Sorry, but that's not a "developmental" job.

I'm guessing that two of the programs you mention are in deep trouble and may drop off the radar....

I'm rather amused, in general, at the Geno hate. But hey, different strokes for different folks. Guess all those player who love and respect him are just dupes (as Dave implied). "-)

ken said...

I think a lot of people who believe that the men's model of sport is good for any athlete--male or female--have been duped.
Honestly, I am constantly surprised at the lack of Geno hate.