Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Dear ESPN:

I decided to write you this letter to try to get my feelings out. I just...I just can't do it aloud. I need to work out some of these thoughts I have in writing.

I think a big part of the problem is my own mismanagement of expectations. I mean, I know your history, I know your patterns, and yet my hopes seem to rise despite my best intentions to control them. And them--boom-disappointment. And I hope you don't see this letter as me taking it out on you. But...well...I am. I am. 'Cause I am mad, ESPN. And I am sad. And I am disappointed.
I mean, I know Women's History Month is over, and that the attention I experienced last month was bound to wane. But I waited and waited this morning. I waited throughout Sports Center. I watched the segment on Tiger and opening day hoopla. I was pleased to see coverage of the Kraft Nabisco Championships and Brittany Lincicome's first major win. But I wanted highlights. Highlights of all the WPS games this weekend. Highlights of my Boston Breakers and their tragic opening game loss to St. Louis. I wanted to see Natasha Kai's tatoos in HD.
And this is not the first time I have been kept waiting. The other day I had to pedal through (I was on the stationary bike--trying to stay in shape--for YOU) a dumb segment on some NASCAR driver's backflips. (And don't think because there was a cameo by Shawn Johnson in it that this somehow makes it about women's sports.) All I wanted was a little women's b-ball news. Is that really so much to ask?
You're just not meeting my needs. Even as I waited for those non-existent highlights this morning, I thought, well at least I can see the scores on the ticker. I got ready as I saw SOCCER next up and then...well...the usual disappointment. The soccer you were covering: Italian serie or something like that.
Did you know that some people actually think the WPS could be the most successful women's professional league yet? You might want to get on board--NOW. Then you could say you had something to do with it in those annual Women's History Month press releases in which you so enjoy counting up the hours of coverage you provide to women's sports.
I know this is the second time I have mentioned Women's History Month and that it makes me sound a little...bitter, I guess would be the right word.
That's 'cause I am bitter, ESPN.
And it just isn't a really healthy place for me to be right now. I think we need to reconsider our relationship. I know you are going to say that you are pretty much the only viable option around. And you would be right. You hold most of the cards. But I can't just let you walk all over my emotions like this anymore.
And please stop sending your excuses via Mary Carillo. It just isn't working anymore.


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