Wednesday, January 20, 2010

So glad to live in a post-gender society*

Of course! Of course, Patrick McEnroe and Mary Jo Fernandez and every other Australian Open/ESPN commentator. Gender had nothing to do with Serena Williams's biggest-fine-in-tennis-ever as she claimed in a recent interview at the Australian Open. I mean, really. We're still talking about gender? No--we're all equal now that Wimbledon finally ponied up equal prize money.
Oh, and P.S. just in case you were thinking it, race had nothing to do with it either. Because we are soooo lucky to live in a post-race society too. 'Cause, you know, we elected a Black man to be president. [Can you even imagine what would have happened if Serena had mentioned race in that interview? Pam Shriver's head might have exploded. Remind me to tweet Serena and ask her to talk about race!]
All these gender is not a factor comments are ringing pretty hollow to me, a Massachusetts resident, this morning. 'Cause another potentially powerful woman in Congress who dared to call out a man's political record had nothing to do with gender, either.

* Beware of the dripping irony. It burns if it gets into an open wound.


Diane said...

The sad part is--Serena is as sexist, if not more--than any of them. She obviously "believes" gender had something to do with her situation because someone told her it did, and is knocking herself out trying to make sure everyone doesn't think she really know...that feminist stuff.

ken said...

Yeah, the messenger leaves a bit to be desired. And you could tell the message was not completely thought through--she had some trouble explaining the whole thing.