Friday, January 29, 2010

Uh-oh, the Sol go under

Last year when everyone was like "Oh the WPS is starting during troubled economic times" and "oh, the WUSA failed even after the success of the World Cup" and "oh women's professional sports don't draw enough fans to be self-sustaining", I--the perpetual Debbie Downer--remained hopeful and criticized all the naysayers. But I have to say that the news of the Sol's demise is hitting me pretty hard. I mean how can number one (or two depending how you view last season) team in the WPS fold? It's like the Yankees folding. (Well, you know, kind of--maybe.)
This is the team with Marta. This is the team with US National Team member Shannon Boxx. And it's L.A. Warm, California, soccer--right? What was happening out there in L.A.?
It's worrisome, even with the addition of two new teams this season.

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