Monday, January 18, 2010

What I did this weekend

I went to a hockey game! My first collegiate women's game of the season. Yea! My team lost. Boo! Also irksome was that it was the "Stick it to cancer" event which meant that everything was pink. Pink shirts and shorts and pj bottoms for sale. Pink programs--which I refused to even pick up. Thankfully my father snagged me a normal one. And pink tape on the players' sticks and socks. Oh, and pink scarves on the female coaches. The male head coach--no pink. What was interesting was that all of the verbal announcements in the pre-game ceremony, etc. only talked about cancer--not breast cancer. So either we're afraid of saying the word breast at a hockey game or this is a general fight cancer event which means the whole pink thing is even more bizarre.

And speaking of pink, when I saw this year's ball persons uniforms at the Australian Open I bet (only myself which isn't as fun) that it would take Pam Shriver less than one hour to comment on the color. And I won! (Again against myself--so only mildly satisfying.) Yes, Shriver commented that she was surprised by the pink shirts by Lacoste--which match perfectly the big Evian coolers on the courts--in such a masculine culture as Australia. Her expert fieldwork revealed that the one male ball kid she spoke with about the color kind of made a face. Note that there does not seem to be a lack of male ball kids and that if it was such a masculine culture how did the color even get through in the first place were issues left unaddressed. Aesthetically I think it looks kind of cool against the blue of the courts and the backdrops. But I would think it would be distracting.

So obviously I also started watching the Australian Open this weekend. And I have to say as much as I like Maria Sharapova, I am not going to miss that dress for the next two weeks.

Also on television this weekend: the US men's figure skating national championships. I like Johnny Weir so I watched. He placed third and is headed to Vancouver next month. Also read Jere Longman's quite amusing NYT column about the very uninteresting scene in US women's figure skating.

And there was also the Tennessee-Vandy match-up last night. I turned it on in the first half when Tennessee was up about 20 points and so changed the channel back to figure skating. But then I tuned back in toward the end of the half when Vandy had really turned it on. They stayed close in the second but couldn't pull out the win, which was disappointing. I was all about the underdog yesterday.

And tonight is UConn and Duke!

What will next weekend bring??

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