Thursday, January 28, 2010

Who's talking about Tebow?

So much for my one religion post a month. I guess I just can't will culture to limit my exposure to such things.
So who is talking about Tim Tebow--besides this reluctant blogger? Well every guy on Sports Center and Mike and Mike in the Morning (I sit through a lot of crap to get tennis highlights). Tim's currently in Mobile, Alabama for the Senior Bowl which is a parade of intercollegiate football players for professional franchises. And Tebow is all anyone is talking about down there according to the ESPN on-the-scene reporter. One of the Mikes was actually astute enough to ask whether the whole Superbowl ad controversy is being talked about by anyone who matters--i.e. anyone who might potentially draft Tebow. And no, apparently it is not on the radar screens of any powers that be. Not surprising, even though one of the Mikes contends that pro teams don't like controversy. Perhaps, but they have plenty of experience dealing with it! And this is probably a welcome controversy given there's nothing illegal about it.
So that leaves media outlets like WaPo and now The New Yorker to discuss Tebow's Focus on the Family 30-second spot. Writer Amy Davidson's opening line is pretty priceless: "Is Tim Tebow becoming the Trig Palin of the sports world?" The whole column is good and you can get the whole story of Tebow's problematic gestational experience.
If you want to talk about Tebow's professional career it seems "experts" think that he is maybe the 5th or 6th best quarterback in Mobile and that he shouldn't be picked before the third round of the draft. [Wow--that sounded like I know and pay attention to big-time college football.]

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