Thursday, March 17, 2011

Even Christine Brennan is pissed

When Christine Brennan starts getting a little peeved about the state of women's sports...well then you know things are bad.
While I appreciate Brennan's presence in sports media, I often find her a little too happy-happy/cheery-cheery. And I know that she didn't ask to be the spokesperson for women in media, but since she is invited to speak all over the place about issues of women in sports media and women in sports, well, I sometimes expect a little more than her (neo?) liberal speeches.
But in her column this week, she's not really holding back. Well, probably a little bit.
She brings out her inner snarkiness when she talks about that "other" tournament going on right now--the women's tournament. How despite the fact that the quality is at an all-time high, even less attention is being paid to it.
She discusses the ubiquitous one-bracket-only pools most people and organizations--including her own USA Today--run.
Alas, I don't agree with her final conclusion that the women's tournament should be run at a different time than the men's tournament so women can have their own spotlight. I believe it carries more weight to say, "hey, there's a women's tourney going on right now, too--cover it, participate in it, etc."
The WNBA has its own separate season. Not so helpful.
Women's intercollegiate ice hockey runs its Frozen Four this weekend. Two (or three maybe) weekends before the men's tournament. I bet it won't even make the ESPN ticker (yes, the men's tournament does get that much).
I don't think going further in the separate but equal direction in sports is helping.

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