Saturday, March 19, 2011

Women's Frozen Four

This weekend is the NCAA DI Women's Frozen Four. The tournament is in Erie, PA this year and features two fairly new teams: Boston College (which isn't that new anymore but certainly not a team with any kind of storied history) and Boston University--which has surprisingly risen to the top of the women's game in Hockey East rather quickly. (It surprised me anyway. But BU has benefitted greatly from some kind of trouble at University of New Hampshire that is causing key players to leave the program. Forward Jenn Wakefield transferred to BU after a stint with the Canadian national team and is now BU's leading scorer.)
BC lost (but in a close game decided in the final minute of the third period) but BU is heading to the finals tomorrow to play perennial favorite Wisconsin.
It's unfortunate that this tournament takes place the same weekend the women's DI b-ball tourney starts. But here is a good article about the tournament and some of its loyal fans.

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