Monday, March 14, 2011

The tournament hasn't even started yet...

...and ESPN has slapped me down two times already.
First, when I received my invitation to participate in a pool through ESPN's Tournament Challenge Website, I got two invites. (Because my pool organizer mandates that those participating in her pool do both the men's and women's brackets.)
First invite: (Host name) is Challenging You to Tournament Challenge on
Second invite: (Host name) is Challenging You to Women's Tournament Challenge on
Le sigh.
ESPN had being doing so (relatively) well. They changed the ticker to NCAAW and NCAAM.
And then it was suggested to me that I download the ESPN bracket app on my iPhone, which I did as I was watching the women's selection show tonight. But there is only one bracket there! And only news about the men's tournament! Is there a separate app for the women's tournament? I haven't found it.
Don't forget--it's women's history month. ESPN loves to roll out stats about how women-friendly the networks are.
And yet it seems like it takes such a concerted effort for them to merely be inclusive.

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