Friday, March 18, 2011

Gender Roles 101: The March Madness Edition

I don't have time for this shit, people. It's the last day of spring break and I have classes to prep and a dissertation to write and a yoga class in 45 minutes. And yet here I sit writing about more ridiculousness around March Madness--courtesy of The Huffington Post of all places*.
HuffPo actually reprinted it. The originator of the Girls' Guide to March Madness is Seven Daughters, a wine company marketing to women.
Obviously this "lesson" is not directed at me, since I am not a GIRL! Regardless, the not-so-handy chart, which clearly was not meant to be handy, is just another example of how women (aka girls) are clueless about sports. And that of course our choices are based on the relative cuteness of the 1) coach 2) point guard 3) mascot. (Well at least they seem to be familiar with the power structures in sport.) And there's a picture of a high heel on it as well for some reason. In case you weren't quite sure this was for women and not to be taken seriously.
Oh wait, the full title of the "guide" (yes, these are quite necessary quotations marks) is March Gladness: The Girls' Guide to March Madness. March Gladness? Is anyone else thinking feminine hygiene products here?
The whole thing is quite unfortunate.
I have never come across Seven Daughters wine, and now I know to stay away if I ever do. Gives new meaning to drinking the Kool-Aid.

* But brought to my attention by the now gainfully employed Dr. Pants. Thanks!

UPDATE: I apologize for the profanity. I am feeling much more calm now (yea for yoga) and realize that I, like everyone else, must do my part in pointing out some of the, um, lingering issues around women and sports. Thankfully I have help in this.


Diane said...

I advise you to also stay away from The Huffington Post unless you're looking for more sexism :)

ken said...

Yeah, I don't feel the need to LOOK for more sexism right now.